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...And you techies out there are not immune from b0ll0cks either, although as techies ourselves, we prefer to think this is not the case! However, b0ll0cksphere is not intended to simply ridicule corporate jargon, it also aims to highlight anything that is bull5h1t - and that includes things like the funny communications that go on in the helpdesk - "helldesk?" - department, or techies trying to outdo one another (or just thinking it makes them look "L337" - which it doesn't) by attempting to squeeze as many acronyms into a sentence as they can! Being (originally) a techie, people tell me that I am not immune from this myself!

Whilst we are on that subject, our "real" jobs are in information security and a friend just sent us in the below, which seems to be specifically aimed at us lot and we think it is great and will come in highly useful as a reference manual! Check out Security Maxims. Nice find Dave, you know who you are!

And today (15 April 2011) Pete send me this - a link to the Random Information Security Job Title Generator!. He also suggested that my title be changed to that of "website janitor". Good idea!

Computer Science

An unlikely subject in which to discover b0llocks, you would have thought. However, the folks at MIT have created a fun thing with this: their "SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator". If you, like me, write white papers, then this could just be the thing to save you R&D time and effort. Now I really never said that. Check it out here but don't blame us if you get into trouble! Thanks for this one Mike - you know who you are!


It doesn't stop there. What about spam e-mails? They are often completey full of b0ll0cks - you only have to look at some of the often hilariously bizarre spam subject lines (used to try to bypass spam filters) to see that! Here are just two examples below - do send in yours as long as they aren't too rude!

"Me eggplant clodhoppers defined by 5449"

"Me senator looking glasses defined by 937"


Then there is 419 scammer bull5h17? There are entire web sites devoted to the subject! Have a look at these:

419 Eater ...yes some people have way too much time on their hands but entertain the rest of us!

419 Baiter ...similar one, and I am sure Google has many more but these are our favourites!

b0ll0cks Web Sites

...what about web sites purporting to sell stuff "B2B" as they say? These are often full of b0ll0cks to the point where you leave the web site none the wiser as to what they actually "sell"! We are building a list of these and plan to have a b0ll0cks site of the week, though I think we need to seek legal advice first! Come across a site that falls into this category? Then do let us know!

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