So what is our point?

The stuff in quotes on the home page are fun, if rather exaggerated, examples of the communication-style perpetuated by the type of person whom we say dwells in the "b0ll0cksphere": the world in which "David Brent-type" people live; a world permeated by jargon and buzzwords

  1. More knowledgeable than they are
  2. More important than they are
  3. Both

Peter Wood first coined the term "b0ll0cksphere" at the COSAC Information Security Conference in 2002 to refer to all of this kind of stuff and it has been latched onto with alacrity by many of our clients and colleagues who battle with bull5h1773r5 on a daily basis in the struggle to keep afloat in the increasingly aggressive world of business. So we thought, for all our sakes, it was time we poked a little fun at the whole thing.

During the process, we began to see how b0ll0cksphere in fact permeates our entire lives, not just at work! Ever come up with an excuse when you were a kid along the lines of "oh, the dog ate it" when in reality you just hadn't gotten round to doing your homework? Well, that's clearly an early move towards a certain branch of the b0ll0cksphere! We get trained early you see. So we've added some silly things about that too. And politicians? Well, they've got honorary degrees at the University of B0ll0cksphere, they have!

So, if you:

a)   Fancy a laugh
b)   Want to cringe at memories of things you have said yourself
3.   Desire to increase your ability to navigate through the b0ll0cksphere
iv.   All of those

...then this is the place to look. Of course we are very keen to add to this resource. Just use our Contact Page to get in touch...

By the way, we didn't make a mistake with the list above. Ever noticed how some people speak in lists? We think they do that to make themselves sound "official"! But have you also noticed how such people often forget which list format they are using mid-sentence? As in, one moment they are saying "a, this thing" and "b, that thing" then suddenly switch to "3, another thing". We think this is another example of a b0ll0cksphre type situation, hence our list. Please note, having Asperger's Syndrome means I love lists - so I am not immune to this verbal list format problem myself and get teased rather a lot about it! ;-)

Below are the categories we decided would be appropriate:

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